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Meet Joe & Charlie

The quality of the installation is just as important as the quality of the carpet. Joe and Charlie have been professional carpet installers with Koko Boodakian & Sons for over 17 years. For a job done right, trust Joe & Charlie — the best in the industry.

Meet Charlie & Joe, our full time carpet installers who happen to be the best in the industry.

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How Often Should I Clean My Rugs?

Once a rug’s natural lanolin is lost, rugs lose their natural stain resistance. Because our cleaning system replenishes this natural lanolin, we recommend a regular cleaning every three to six years to keep your rugs soft and strong.

Deep Cleaning Treatment

Have you ever had a Carpet Cleaning 77346, with our deep cleaning process involves  water pressure cleaning and soaking a rug for an extended period of time. This allows the rug’s fibers to open up and naturally release many stains, odors and results in a softer and cleaner carpet. Afterwards, the water is completely extracted from the carpet and goes through our normal wash process with our enzyme treatment. We repeat this process as needed.