Our Cleaning Process

Our Cleaning Process

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We put the magic back into your carpets.

Think Your Rugs Are Clean?

Our customers are amazed to see how much brighter, softer and cleaner our washing process makes their rugs. Below are photos before and after our washing process. Notice how much more vibrant the reds, ivories and blues become. With the dirt, dust and sand removed, this work of woven art shines beautifully. Yours will too!

An antique Persian rug before going through our full wet wash cleaning system.
After our washing process, the rug's colors shine bright.




Stains are naturally lifted during our full wet wash cleaning system. Wool rugs have a natural lanolin content which protects them from stains. We use an oriental rug shampoo specifically designed to infuse wool rugs with naturally occurring lanolin to protect your rug from staining.

An expensive Persian rug with a terrible orange stain before going through our cleaning process.
After our cleaning process, the stain is naturally lifted and looks beautiful.



How Often Should I Clean My Rugs?

Once a rug’s natural lanolin is lost, rugs lose their natural stain resistance. Because our cleaning system replenishes this natural lanolin, we recommend a regular cleaning every three to six years to keep your rugs soft and strong.

Enzyme Treatment

Enzyme is a bio-engineered bacterial culture that digests organic wastes including urine, vomit, feces, blood and grease. Since simple soap alone cannot remove the proteins that cause, for example, animal odors, we add this specially formulated enzyme to dissolve pet odors away.

Mildew Treatment

Mildew eats away at a rug’s foundation causing it to be extremely fragile. Caught early, it can be killed and removed without causing harm to the rug, for more info about mildew treatments write on our website.

Deep Cleaning Treatment

Our deep cleaning process involves water pressure cleaning and soaking a rug for an extended period of time. This allows the rug’s fibers to open up and naturally release many stains, odors and results in a softer and cleaner carpet. Afterwards, the water is completely extracted from the carpet and goes through our normal wash process with our enzyme treatment. We repeat this process as needed.

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