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Oriental Rug Appraisals

Rugs are more than just a size and a value. They tell a story. There is quite a bit of history in your rugs that is largely unknown outside of the antique oriental rug community. Rug appraisals are a great way to start learning more about them.

Mohammad Rafatpanah is well respected among the antique oriental rug community for his passion, deep knowledge and appreciation for antique carpets from all areas of the world.

Oriental Rug Appraisal Price List
Written Appraisal$100 / carpet
On-Site Appraisal$250 + $100 / carpet
Verbal Appraisalfree
An example of a typical rug appraisal.

Rug Appraisal Terms

The retail replacement value of an oriental carpet to be the total amount it would take to replace a carpet. We take into account a carpet's availability as well as it's marketplace demand calculated, to the best of our ability, from factors such as origin, quality, colors and condition. The retail replacement value also factors in the time spent in finding the closest possible match of your rug.

Alternatively, the fair market value of an oriental carpet to be the true value of an oriental rug for today's market. Given a buyer and a seller of equal knowledge and given both the buyer and seller are not under pressure to buy or sell, the fair market value is the price the transaction would be made every day assuming equal market conditions.

The salvage value of a carpet to be the fair market value the carpet carries after being damaged. This is done for insurance purposes to find the value of the carpet after things like water and fire damage.

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