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Rug Cleaning in Worcester County, MA

Your area rug cleaning experts serving Worcester, MA and the Greater Boston area.

If your home’s rugs have collected dust, dirt, and stains, you’re not alone. No matter your routine, it’s impossible for the typical household vacuum cleaner or carpet shampooer to compete with years of wear and tear. But your local rug cleaning company can make your rugs look like the day you had them installed.

You’re probably wondering:

  • Should I hire someone to clean my rugs?
  • Can I trust a rug cleaner with my family’s heirloom rugs?
  • Is expensive to get rugs professionally cleaned?

Koko Boodakian & Sons have provided professional rug cleaning to New England for 80+ years. Give your rugs the quality cleaning they deserve!

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Expert Rug Cleaning for Worcester County, MA for Over 80 Years

Professional Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning in Winchester MA

Your dirty rugs don’t have to be an eyesore on your home’s decor anymore. At Koko Boodakian & Sons, we’ve seen it all. For over 80 years, we’ve helped customers turn their soiled rugs into cherished centerpieces in every room!

It can be difficult to ask for help with your rug cleaning. You probably feel it’s something you should be able to handle on your own. Don’t be embarrassed that you let your rugs get to this point. Koko Boodakian & Sons can fix them!

Worcester County’s Rug Cleaning Professionals

To clean or repair your antique oriental rug, call Koko Boodakian & Sons at (781) 729-2213 or request an estimate today!

Worcester County’s Rug Cleaning Professionals

You’ll be shocked at how much brighter, softer, and cleaner your rugs are after they’ve been professionally cleaned. Vibrant reds, bright ivories, and rich blues will come back. Once the dirt, dust, and stains are removed, you’ll love your work of woven art again! Here’s how we clean your rugs:

Stain Removal. During the wet wash cleaning, stains are naturally removed. Our shampoo infuses wool rugs with lanolin for long-lasting protection.

Enzyme Treatment. Soap can’t remove the proteins that cause odors by itself. Our enzyme formula contains a bio-engineered bacterial culture that digests organic wastes.

Mildew Treatment. Mildew eats away at a rug’s foundation and makes it fragile. When it’s caught early, mildew can be killed and removed without harming your rug.

Deep Cleaning Treatment. Our deep cleaning process includes pressure washing and soaking. Your rug then goes through our normal wash process and enzyme treatment.

Quality Carpet & Rug Cleaning in Worcester County, MA

New England residents have trusted Koko Boodakian & Sons for 80+ years. Here are some reviews from happy customers!

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Let Koko Boodakian & Sons make your stained, soiled rug new again. We’ll erase damage you never thought could be eliminated. Don’t be embarrassed by your dirty rugs any longer!

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