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How to Properly Store an Antique Oriental Rug

Area rugs can be a centerpiece for your home, or even a family heirloom passed down from family members. You may not have space for a rug, or want to preserve it for a new space you want to put it in, but how can you properly store the area rug, so it does not get damaged and keeps the same vibrant colors? In this article, we are going to discuss how to properly store an area rug.

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Make sure you’ve had your rug professionally cleaned and repaired prior to storing

Properly storing your rug is the best way to preserve its value, so it’s important to make sure you’ve had your rug professionally cleaned and repaired prior to storage. Do not store a dirty or dusty carpet; this will only cause damage over time.

Apply moth repellent prior to storage

You can prevent moth damage from occurring by applying a chemical repellent to the rug. This works by creating an invisible barrier that prevents moths from finding the fibers of your rug. If you want to use this method, consult with a professional to ensure you do not damage the rug.

Wrap the rug in a moth-proof bundle

You will need a moth-proof bundle for storage. This is the best way to preserve your rug and prevent damage from moths or dust. Wrap the rug in a moth-proof bundle by rolling it up lengthwise with the back of the rug facing outwards on top of a layer of acid-free tissue paper. Tie off with sturdy string or rope and then place inside another container that is airtight and properly labeled.

Tightly roll your rug for storage

To roll an antique oriental rug for storage, start at the opposite corner from where you began laying out your rug. Press together all edges and fold them inward so that they are flush with each other and squared against the back of the rug.

The goal is to keep the rug tightly rolled, so pests, moisture, and dirt do not have a large space to occupy to cause damage or harm to the rug.

Unless a rug is aged and fragile, rolling a rug for storage is generally the best method of storage. Folding, rather than rolling a rug, especially if it is stored for a long period of time, may cause breaks in the backing or creases that can be difficult to steam or clean out. We always roll rugs from the bottom up to maintain the rug’s integrity.

Boston Rugs Rolled for Storage

Check with the storage facility to make sure they have a climate-controlled environment

Before you make the decision to store your oriental rug, you’ll want to know that it is being stored in an environment that is climate controlled.

When choosing a storage facility make sure they have one of these three options:

  • A climate-controlled room with humidity control, like a humidity-controlled room or “vault” where the temperature and humidity can be precisely set by the unit owner.
  • A non-climate-controlled container that is sealed tight and not exposed to any moisture; or
  • An open-air space that allows for natural air to move around the rug.

In addition, don’t store your rug in damp conditions as this can lead to mold or mildew growth which could permanently stain or discolor the fabric.

If possible, try to keep your antique oriental rugs out of direct sunlight because UV rays will fade both the color and texture of the material over time.

Unroll every 6 months to inspect the rug for damage

To ensure your rug is preserved, it is recommended to check on it every 6 months or so by unrolling the rug every 6 months, you can inspect it for damage and catch it before it gets to far.

Check for moths and other insects that may have made their way into your rug. This is very important because moths can destroy a rug over time.

Also, check for the presence of mold which is also a sign that there is moisture in your rug, so make sure to check for musty, mildew smells or visible signs of mold growth.

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