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Moth Damage & Pet Odor Removal for Area Rugs

Since 1938 Koko Boodakian & Sons has been the rug cleaning and restoration experts in the Greater Boston area. We provide insect, pet, and odor treatments that are 100% green to keep your rugs looking and smelling fresh.

Moth Treatment for Rugs

Moths are picky pests that eat animal fibers such as wool, silk, cashmere, angora or fur, or any other materials that contain keratin. The damage done by these insects can be drastic to the condition of your oriental rug. Moths have a way of knowing which fibers are idle and when they find a suitable location, they lay their eggs. The ideal candidates for moths are idle and undisturbed locations like an attic or a rug under a bed or couch. Since these dark areas rarely see foot traffic or vacuuming it can be a prime location for nesting. Moth larvae in a major infestation can cause devastating damage to your antique oriental rug in just a matter of weeks. For this reason, we provide in-house mothproofing and fabric protection services.

Moth Proof Bundles

Moth Proof Bundles, or MPBs for short, take moth protection to the next level. An MPB is ideal for rugs being stored either with us for over six months, or for rugs being stored in a storage facility. We guarantee rugs wrapped in an MPB to be moth free for up to ten years.

Moth Protection for Rug Storage in Boston MA
Boston MA Moth Larvae in Rug

Identifying moths

It is important to know what to look out for to prevent damage caused by moths or the spread of larvae from one rug to another. The first thing you may notice is the moths themselves, and contrary to popular belief, the large moths that attach themselves to outdoor windows and are drawn to light, are not the concern. Instead, the ones to be looking out for are the small moths around half an inch in size. These moths are slow and clumsy but beat their wings rapidly to fly. If you notice these small silvery or brown insects it’s a good idea to inspect the back of your rugs from time to time. The eggs will often be laid underneath the rug as this is the darkest environment. Often a particular color of the rug will be tastier to the larvae and they will start feeding on this first, which is why rugs with moth damage tend to have specific patches of color worn away.

If you are worried that moths may be in your home, the best way to find out would be to check the edges of your rugs as well as areas under furniture. If possible, check the back of the rug too. If you see areas that are missing wool but the cotton foundation remains, it is likely that you either have moths or have had them in the past.

Yes, moth damage can be prevented by regularly disturbing your wool rugs. We recommend owners of rugs vacuum both sides of their rugs every 3-6 months. Unless moths have already laid eggs somewhere else in the home, this method of disturbing the wool regularly will fully protect your rugs from moths. Keep in mind that this applies to all keratin-containing fibers including things like wool suits and silk dresses in the closet.
Moths do not eat cotton. Since most rugs are woven with a cotton foundation, moths eat the wool pile leaving only the rug’s cotton foundation. The rug’s cotton foundation is often left intact while there are patches of missing wool pile.
Boston MA Moth Damage to Rug
Don’t worry! Koko Boodakian & Sons can proactively wrap your rugs in moth-proof bundles to prevent infestation. We also offer reweaving and repair to fully restore any moth damages to your rugs.

Pet Odor & Urine Stain Removal for Area Rugs

If you have a dog or cat you surely know about the ‘accidents’ that your pet occasionally causes in your home and on your favorite rugs. When these accidents happen, it is important to remove the urine as soon as possible because the longer left untreated the more liquid your rug fibers will absorb. Untreated, pet urine stains will lead to a strong, pungent smell that can linger throughout your house.

Although there are many DIY remedies to the problem, one must act quickly and efficiently to achieve the best results. So if you can’t fully remove the urine yourself, hire a professional rug cleaning service to solve your problem.

Pet Odor Treatments for Rugs in Boston MA

Pet Urine

Removing the urine while it is still wet is important to preserve your rug. This is because once the urine dries, a stain will be left behind. The further the uric acid seeps into the layers of the rug the harder it will be to remove it and the greater chance that bacteria will grow.

Pet Dander

Allergies to dogs and cats affect almost 20% of the world’s population and are a growing public health concern as these rates increase. To reduce pet dander in your home, it regularly has your rugs and carpets cleaned professionally.

Area Rug Odor Removal

Rugs absorb airborne pollutants and trap them in their fibers. When your rug smells, it’s not the rug itself that is causing unpleasant odors, it’s the elements trapped in its fabric! The most common reason for a funky rug smell is an old stain and the only way to completely eliminate that smelly spot is to have your rug professionally deep cleaned.

Odor Removal

Professional rug cleaning companies can often apply odor neutralizers to your rugs. These neutralizers don't just mask unpleasant smells by adding competing scents that will eventually fade out. Instead, they absorb the chemicals that are creating these odors to remove the unwanted smells completely.

Rug Odor Removal for Rugs in Boston MA

Common reasons for rug odor:

Old age



Pet Urine

Cigarette Smoke


Food Stains

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