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Oriental Rug Appraisals

Determine the true value of all your antique oriental rugs with Koko Boodakian & Sons!

Since rugs live under our feet they receive a lot of wear and tear over time. Burns, moths, cleaning solutions, mildew, children, and pets can cause damaging stains or tears to rugs that will decrease their value. This is why all of these factors and more are considered while properly assessing a rug’s value.

Professional rug appraisal is a very specialized field that takes years of training and hands-on experience. In addition to damage, experts also take into account the detail of design, the sheen of the rug, its size, country of origin, and any past repairs. Only the expert eye of a talented pro knows exactly what to look for when appraising the value of a rug. Our on-site appraiser, Mohammad Rafatpanah, is well respected among the antique oriental rug community for his passion, deep knowledge, and appreciation for antique rugs from all areas of the world.

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Why should I get an appraisal done?

Rug Appraisals in Boston MA

Rugs are more than just a size and a value. They tell a story. There is quite a bit of history in your rugs that is largely unknown outside of the antique oriental rug community. A professional rug appraisal will help you learn more about your rug and determine its value in the event that you need to make an insurance claim or decide to sell your rug.

Should you include your valuable rugs in your homeowner’s insurance coverage?

Your rug is a valuable work of art, and like any antique with monetary and historical value, you could have it insured. But do you know how much to insure your rugs for? If not, this is where a professional rug appraisal service can be an extremely beneficial resource. They can tell you exactly what your rug is worth and why.

Rugs are one of the first things to be damaged in the event of a flood or fire. This is why some owners choose to insure their irreplaceable antique Persian and Oriental rugs. With the rug appraisal services of Koko Boodakian & Sons, we can help turn your beautiful pieces of home decor into appreciated investments.

Our Rug Appraisal Pricing

Written Appraisal $100 per rug
On-Site Appraisal $250 + $100 per rug
Verbal Appraisal Free of charge

What is the value of an antique oriental rug based on?

There are a number of factors that go into the value of an Oriental rug and a Persian rug appraisal. The following conditions break down the cost of your Persian rug and what its antique rug appraisal value is:



Country of origin


History of repair


Material makeup

Our Rug Appraisal Terms

The retail replacement value of an oriental rug is the total amount it would take to replace a rug.

The salvage value of a rug is the fair market value the rug carries after being damaged. This is done for insurance purposes to find the value of the rug after things like water and fire damage.

We take into account a rug’s availability as well as its marketplace demand calculated, to the best of our ability, from factors such as origin, quality, colors, and condition.

How long do rug appraisals take?

Our appraisers are experts at area rug and textile valuations and we offer in-person and online appraisals with an average turn-around time of 7 days.

Increase the value of your rug with Koko Boodakian & Sons before you get it appraised!

If you want to increase the value of your rug prior to assigning a value to it, Koko Boodakian & Sons offers repair and cleaning services to the Greater Boston area and beyond!

For expert rug cleaning in Boston, Winchester, Wellesley, or the surrounding Great Boston area call Koko Boodakian & Sons today at (781) 729-2213, get an estimate, calculate your rug cleaning cost, or request service.

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